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Ray Van

Ray Van attends Jesuit High School. He has dreamed of attending Jesuit High School since the first grade. The PLEASE Foundation not only helped him achieve this goal but also will guide him to the college of his choice. He is a member of the marching band, where he plays the alto saxophone. He is also a member of The Irvin Mayfield Jazz Band. Ray Van participates weekly in Sunday school activities at his church. Please help Ray Van continue on his path of success.


Indya attends St. Mary’s Dominican High School in New Orleans. Since the 1st grade, Indya has dreamnt of working for the FBI in the Forensics Department. She has always been an Honor Roll student. While in elementary school, she was Student Council President, and has been a public speaker for the PLEASE Foundation. Indya’s dream of one day protecting the city she loves will be strengthened through the values learned at her college-preparatory Catholic high school. Please consider sponsoring Indya, our city needs her strength and perseverance.


Pierra attends Cabrini High School in New Orleans. Her family is originally from Haiti. She speaks French fluently. Pierra’s father works hard as a taxi driver in New Orleans and Catholic education has always been important to him. Pierra's love of her faith will be shared by one day becoming a pediatrician and caring for the youth of our city. Please consider sponsoring Pierre so she can continue to attend a Catholic High School.


Alex attends De La Salle High School, where he is on the flag football team. His role model is Drew Brees. When he grows up he would like to be a football player or a Sportscaster. He loves attending a Catholic School because he gets to pray and learn about his faith. Continuing in Catholic education will ensure that Alex will stay grounded in his faith and focused on his goals to “Finish Strong” like his role model Drew Brees always says. Please consider sponsoring Alex as he continues in his college-preparatory Catholic High School.

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Cynsere attends De La Salle High School in New Orleans. Cynsere has always wanted to be a Pediatrician. Her role model is Helen Nash, who was the first African American female Physician at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Cynsere is a member of the Key Club, an organization that helps other non-profits in the city. She was inspired by the PLEASE Foundation to help others. She hopes that one day, every child that would like to attend a Catholic School will have the same opportunity that she has been given through the PLEASE Foundation. It is through her strong faith and desire to help others that Cynsere will become a successful Pediatrician serving the children of New Orleans. Please consider sponsoring Cynsere.


Allen dreams of becoming the first person in his family to graduate from college. By attending Brother Martin High School in New Orleans, he is well on his way to achieving his goal. He is a member of the NJROTC and has a strong inner character. Allen has a passion for old cars. He hopes to attend business school in college where he can mesh his passion into a serious business. Only through the help of the PLEASE Foundation’s dedicated donors, is he able to stay in a Catholic school. Please consider sponsoring Allen!


Darius is the second born of twin boys. He attends Brother Martin High School in New Orleans. He plays soccer and baseball. Darius’ role model is his history teacher, Mr. Lynn. There's nothing holding Darius back from his dream of being a teacher. Darius wants to be a teacher because he would like to teach young minds about the history of the world. Only by attending a Catholic High School, can he hope to maintain his high self esteem and love of learning. Please consider sponsoring Darius and help him fulfill his dream.


Elana is a 7th grade Alpha Honor Roll student at St. Stephen’s School. In the 6th grade, she received the “Lumen Et Veritas Award” for courage and honesty. She was also named student of the year. Elana enjoys sewing, knitting, and especially cooking and baking. Her role model is Leah Chase, the owner of Dooky Chase Restaurant. Elana wants to study culinary arts and business in college so that she can one day successfully run her own restaurant. Elana hopes to attend St. Mary’s Dominican High School, where she can continue to thrive in a Catholic college-preparatory school.


Zoe attends Cabrini High School in New Orleans. She is an Honor Roll student, who won the 8th grade Little Violet-Mother Cabrini award. This award is given to the student who best exemplifies the care, love, and selflessness that reflects Mother Cabrini’s spirit through the demonstration of Cabrini’s core values of respect, excellence, and service. Zoe is a talented artist who has won many art contests. Her role models are the Dominican Sisters in Nashville. In 5th grade, Zoe decided on her own that she wanted to become Catholic. Her faith is an inspiration to everyone around her.


Armani attends St. Mary’s Academy in New Orleans. She is a member of the band, volleyball and track teams, and a member of the Honor Society. Armani is also a very talented singer. Armani’s faith was tested, when her best friend and neighbor was murdered while asleep inside her home. Her family continues to turn to God for grace and guidance. Armani has been blessed with a beautiful voice that she shared with the community during vigils for her friend. She has even spoken out about the violence in our city. Her family believes now more than ever, that being in a safe Catholic High School will help keep her faith strong. Please consider sponsoring this aspiring singer.


Trey is an Honor Roll student at St. Augustine High School. He is a member of the famous St. Augustine’s Marching 100 Band and plays the trombone. Trey loves sports and dreams of becoming a sports analyst for ESPN. He loves how his school teaches about giving back to the community through service projects. Trey aspires to one day open his own homeless shelter. The sight of homeless people in our city has affected him greatly and he would like to be part of the solution. Trey wants to stay in a Catholic school because it is safe and he can continue to learn more about his faith.


Kylie is the second born of twin girls. She is a vibrant, sweet, and happy girl who attends Holy Rosary High School in New Orleans. Kylie is a gifted artist who dreams of becoming an art student and studying in New York City! By attending a Catholic High School with a strong art program; Kylie’s dream of artistic expression will make our city a more beautiful place. She can’t wait to share her gifts and talents with others. Please consider sponsoring Kylie and help her dream of becoming an artist come true!


Hannah attends Cabrini High School in New Orleans. She loves being in a college-preparatory high school. She believes that her teachers really care for her and know how to bring out the best in all of their students. Hannah says her mother is her role model, and has taught her to be a strong, independent young woman. She is very involved in her church community and volunteers there often. She has been a member of the Pro-Life Club at Cabrini. She is so thankful that the PLEASE Foundation has given her an incredible opportunity to receive a college-preparatory education. Please help her continue her success at Cabrini High School.


Nyasha currently attends De La Salle High School in New Orleans. She plays trombone in the Marching Band and is a member of the String Orchestra where she plays violin. Nyasha is on the Honor Roll and part of the Media Club. Her dream is to attend college and study journalism/media, film production and photography. One day she hopes to return to New Orleans and teach Publishing. Nyasha is thankful to attend a Catholic school that reinforces her family’s Christian values.


Tegan attends De La Salle High School in New Orleans, where she is an Honor Roll student. She is a member of the volleyball team and also on Student Council. After graduating from high school, she plans on going to college. When she grows up, she would like to be a real estate agent or a model. Tegan loves attending a Catholic High School and is so grateful to the PLEASE Foundation for providing her with such a great education. Please consider sponsoring Tegan.


Brennan is an Honor Roll student at Brother Martin High School. He competes on both the football and baseball teams. Last year, Brennan was a member of the Miracle League at Brother Martin. Brennan loves Brother Martin High School because it helps him continue to build his faith while preparing him for his future. After college, he would like to be involved in sports in some way, whether it's sports medicine, coaching, or actually playing. Brennan's ultimate dream is be a professional baseball player.


Raven attends Holy Rosary High School. At her elementary school, she received many awards, but the “Lumen Et Veritas Award” for courage and honesty was her greatest accomplishment. She is known by all to have a loving and kind spirit. Raven enjoys learning about her Catholic faith and going to church with her classmates and teachers. By being in a Catholic School, she has learned the importance of service and giving back. Raven would like to help the homeless and would even like to help struggling families pay their medical bills. She plans on going to college and her passion is drawing and painting. Raven’s ultimate goal is to one day be a cartoonist for Disney.


Kolbe is currently attending Holy Cross School. He is a humble, intelligent, and athletic young man. He has a passion for sports and outdoor activities. Last year at KIPP Central City Academy, he was on the Honor Roll and received the Student of the Year Award. His dreams are to go to college and become a business entrepreneur. Kolbe is excited about Holy Cross School because it fosters academic excellence, which he did not experience in the public school system. Kolbe is thankful to receive a Catholic education and religious studies now that he is attending Holy Cross School.


Dominick attends St. Augustine High School in New Orleans. He has been part of the PLEASE Foundation since elementary school. He loves being in a Catholic School because he believes that it helps him continue his religious beliefs while receiving a great education at the same time. He is an altar server in his church and a member of the youth ministry group. He also volunteers at a food pantry. He would like to be a physical therapist when he grows up. As a man of strong faith and dedication to his education, Dominick will be successful in anything he does in the future. Please help him continue on his path of success.


Yosef attends Brother Martin High School in New Orleans. He is a talented artist who dreams of becoming an architect one day. This faith-filled teen sings in his church’s choir with his mother every Sunday. Staying in a Catholic college-preparatory High School will allow him to reach his dream and achieve the greatness that God has intended for his life. Please help Yosef continue his success at Brother Martin High School.


James and his twin brother attend De La Salle High School in New Orleans. James’ love of food and New Orleans have inspired him to one day be a chef in the city he loves. He says that he loves being in a Catholic School because he learns about God. James dreams of one day owning his own seafood restaurant in New Orleans. By attending a college-preparatory Catholic High School, James will be ready for college where he can learn how to run his own business. Please consider helping James achieve his dreams by staying in a Catholic School.


Asia attends Cabrini High School in New Orleans. Her role models are her mom and Mother Cabrini. She participates in Campus Ministry, plays volleyball and runs track. Cabrini has meant everything to her and helped her to grow in her faith and gain self- confidence. She has a passion for helping others in need, a truly selfless person, and a born leader. Staying in a Catholic school will keep Asia grounded in faith and on the right track for college. Please consider sponsoring Asia.


Kirsten attends St. Stephen’s Catholic School. Kirsten is a dedicated student who is thrilled to attend a Catholic High School in New Orleans. She is always eager to help others in any way that she can. Her dream is to become a nurse to care for others in need. By continuing to attend a Catholic college-preparatory high school, Kirsten’s goal of attending college will become a reality. Please consider sponsoring Kirsten by donating to the PLEASE Foundation.


Darien, who is a first-born twin, has been an Honor Roll student since 1st grade! He is not only academically savvy, but also mature far beyond his years, which is probably due to his life altering illness. He doesn't let that stop him. Instead, he enjoys school clubs such as Chess, Builders Club, and Robotics. Darien wants to be an Experimental Physicist because he really loves science and believes if he has a career in science he'll have an opportunity to change the world. Stephen Hawking is Darien's role model because one of his theories changed the way that people think about science and the universe. Being in a college-preparatory school that promotes higher learning is the key to Darien's success. Staying in a Catholic High School will help Darien achieve his academic and spiritual goals. Please help Darien achieve his dreams.


Bryce attends De La Salle High School in New Orleans. While in elementary school, he was chosen to be a Student Ambassador and participated on all sports teams. He was in the choir, drama club, and acted in the school plays. Bryce also won First Place in the school Science Fair. Bryce plans to study criminology in college and then become a proud member of the United States Military. He dreams of one day becoming a police officer, so he can help protect his community.


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